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Iplay Sport is an app and a platform where all stakeholders in the ecosystem of sport can interact and communicate on their own terms. Where mean and condescending language is not allowed. So far we have launched handball, bandy and football but more sports will follow… next up is basketball.

About Iplay

The idea for Iplay came to Per (CEO of Iplay) when he was a professional handball player and the club that he played for went bankrupt. He then needed to find a new club to play for and he especially wanted to find one in Germany or Spain. He quickly realised that without an agent or an established social network in the world of handball outside of Sweden, that was not going to be easy.

Karl and David was brought on board and the following discussions led to the conclusion that their solution should be a platform where the whole ecosystem of sport should be included. So whether you are an athlete, a club, a team, a coach, a member of the staff, an agent, a sponsor, a fan or a company with products you want to sell to this group of people, they should all find features and services that are helpful to them. The result was…


A social platform for sport, where you create your profile depending on your role in the ecosystem (ie. athlete, club, coach, agent, media, fan etc). This set up makes it possible to decide who should be the receiver of your post… everyone on Iplay or a specific user group. You can also share your post to your other social medias so that they can follow you on Iplay instead. In short, Iplay is a combination of LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for sport.


Take a look at what’s next to come…


Much appreciated by both advertisers and users. IplayGames is a reward based marketing tool that was a great success during the EHF Euro 2016 that we’re now about to revive.


Communicating within a club, with all the players, parents and fans is hard. Iplay Com will solve all those issues and more. There will be a number of add on services to choose from as well.


We want all users to be able to communicate in their own language to feel comfortable so therefore we will offer a translation service so that the readers can choose their favorite language.


We want to give all young girls and boys the same chance to follow their dream and that is why we will start a foundation from which they can apply for help with paying for gear, a cup or a training camp etc.

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