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Iplay Sport is an app and a platform where all stakeholders in the ecosystem of sport can interact and communicate on their own terms. Where mean and condescending language is not allowed.


About Iplay

The idea for Iplay came to Per (CEO of Iplay) when he was a professional handball player and the club that he played for went bankrupt. He then needed to find a new club to play for and he especially wanted to find one in Germany or Spain. He quickly realised that without an agent or an established social network in the world of handball outside of Sweden, that was not going to be easy.

A couple of years later Per decided that it was time to do something about his idea as none of the existing social medias have been built with the needs of an athlete in mind. The need to interact and communicate with all the various stakeholders you have as an athlete.

Karl and David was brought on board and the following discussions led to the conclusion that their solution should be a platform where the whole ecosystem of sport should be included. So whether you are an athlete, a club, a team, a coach, a member of the staff, an agent, a sponsor, a fan or a company with products you want to sell to this group of people, they should all find features and services that are helpful to them. The result was…


  • Handball

    Released in January 2016.

  • Bandy

    Release in January 2017

  • Football

    Planned release Q4 2018

  • Hockey

    Planned release 2019


We have big plans for Iplay Sport but here’s a taste of what’s to come shortly.


We’re finishing up the build of a new modern way of communicating within a club. We know that there is a mix of several services today within a club. This is not good and leads to a lot of extra work and concern for all parties. Soon we will release the solution to all those troubles and replace them with just one… Iplay Chat.


We tried it during the Womens European Championship in handball back in 2016 and it was a big success. Now we will release it again and this time integrated into our main app. This is a new and fun way for sponsors and users to interact. A reward based marketing tool that makes both parties happy – a perfect combo.


We are planning for many more sports to be released in the near future as well as services which will be useful to our users. First in line when it comes to sports is Basketball, then Ice Hockey, Floorball, e-Sport, Skiing, Boxing and so on… We will add more areas of expertise in what we call Marketplace in Iplay. These will be Mental Coaches, Personal Trainers, e-Learning etc.


We will release useful search functionalities for Clubs, Agents and Sponsors that will make their jobs easier. This will also be of help to our athletes that are looking for new clubs and sponsors as they will make  the matchmaking easier for all parties.

We’d love to tell you more but we’ll stop here for now…

Some of our superusers


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Our awesome team

Per Malmqvist
Per Malmqvist
Co-Founder & CEO
David Johansson
David Johansson
Co-Founder & CTO
Karl SJöblom
Karl SJöblom
Co-Founder & COO
Robert Arrhenius
Robert Arrhenius
Manager Players Council - Handball
Markus Johannesson
Markus Johannesson
Advisor- Football
Pia Johansson
Pia Johansson
Art Director

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